Take Root’ takes off!

Sales of ‘Take Root’, the new rooting liquid and transplant aid from seaweed extract company Maxicrop UK, have taken off well according to Maxicrop sales and marketing director Shane Deaville.

“Take Root’ is a natural blend of selected seaweed extracts, for use in propagating and with all transplanted plants. The unique formulation significantly increases root mass, for better survival and better, healthier plants” said Mr Deaville.

The company has some impressive results on the positive effects of certain seaweed extract blend products, when applied with water as a weekly root drench during the first few weeks after transplanting – see figure 1.

Maxicrop International research has identified certain organic compounds, such as laminarin and certain betaines, in seaweed extract as the key actives involved in increasing root growth and development. This research has resulted in the formulation of ‘Take Root’, by selecting and blending seaweed extracts to give optimum levels of these key compounds, the company claims.

“Trials with ‘Take Root’ have shown an even greater response in increased root mass than with general purpose seaweed extract product,” claimed Mr Deaville (see figure 2). “We believe that this scientific proof behind ‘Take Root’ and the fact that it is a natural product will make it a popular choice with keen gardeners.” he concluded.

‘Take Root’ is approved for Organic growing by the Soil Association.

Figure 1. Roots with & without seaweed extract blend treatment

Species Tagete. Top row plants treated with
root drench containing seaweed extract blend.

Figure 2. Effect of ‘Take Root’ on Lettuce rooting

Seaweed extract product applied as root drench at transplanting and at 7 day intervals.
Root dry weight measurements taken at 20 days from transplanting.