Research notes – gardening

While our long-term customers have often reported some fantastic results from Maxicrop, it is only recently that we have got to the bottom of how our product works.

Scientific studies at a wide range of UK universities and independent research centres, have confirmed five principle effects from little and often use of our product range.

This research has shown that Maxicrop can have major effects on…

    • Stimulating beneficial soil microbes, enhancing rooting and nutrient uptake
    • Increasing chlorophyll levels – the essential green pigment needed for plant growth
    • Increasing plant tolerance to stress (e.g. drought)
    • Minimising damage from frost.

The research programme also confirms that it is only through choosing Maxicrop that you can be sure of harnessing these beneficial effects in your gardens.

‘plants do better with Maxicrop……naturally’ – a fact that is ‘proven scientifically’.


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