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Maxicrop Natural Fertilisers – for Organic Growing

Natural Fertilisers made from plant extracts and seaweed. No animal products used. For the discerning organic grower – Soil Association approved. NPK fertiliser: 5-2-5 (organic garden all purpose), 4-2-6 (organic tomato), 6-2-4 (organic lawn) Balanced, healthy nutrition for all plants, fruit crops and vegetables.

Available in 1 litre packs for gardeners from most good garden centres.

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Maxicrop Original Seaweed Extract 500ml
Original Seaweed Extract (Plant Growth Stimulant)

Pure liquid seaweed extract, widely proven in scientific research. Stimulates germination, rooting and establishment from seed to mature plant. Improves natural plant health and the ability to withstand environmental stress. Ideal for flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetables in the home, garden or allotment.

Approved for Organic growing by the Soil Association.

‘Take Root’ – Root Growth Stimulant

A natural blend of seaweed extracts, specifically selected for their positive effects on rooting – for use in propagating and with all planting out. After watering into the soil, ‘Take Root’ significantly increases root mass for better survival and better, healthier plants.

Approved for Organic growing by the Soil Association.


Maxicrop Sequestered Iron 1 litre
Plus Sequestered Iron

Natural seaweed extract with 2% w/w sequestered iron – to prevent or alleviate iron deficiency (yellowing) in flowers, fruit and vegetables. For healthy rhododendrons, azaleas, heathers and other acid loving plants.

The combination of seaweed extract and sequestered iron helps produce rich green leaf colour.

Maxicrop Tomato Fertiliser 1 litre
Plus Tomato Fertiliser  NPK: 5.1-5.1-6.7

Seaweed extract plus high potash fertiliser – for excellent yields of healthy, full flavoured tomatoes. Once they have tried it, many growers will use nothing else.

Maxicrop Complete Garden Feed 1 litre
Plus Complete Garden Feed  NPK: 5-5-5

A balanced all-purpose seaweed extract based fertiliser for all flowers, vegetables, shrubs, fruit and trees – great for excellent healthy growth all round the garden. Also great for houseplants.

Maxicrop Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic 500ml
Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic

Seaweed extract with added ferrous sulphate. For use only as a home garden lawn treatment. Simply mix with water in a watering can or sprayer. Liquid application saturates moss and kills it quickly and efficiently. Seaweed extract tonic encourages grass re-growth, improves rooting and ‘greens up’ the grass.

Available in 4 pack sizes – 500ml (treats approx 40 sq.yds) 1 litre (treats approx 80 sq.yds) 2.5 litres (treats approx 200 sq.yds) and 10 litres (treats approx 800 sq.yds).

Compost Maker

Contains a unique liquid formulation, made from natural seaweed and land plant extracts. Boosts the activity of naturally occurring composting microbes and helps produce rich compost in weeks. Apply with water using a watering can. Ideal for composting all garden and kitchen waste. A 500ml bottle is sufficient to make 200 – 250 litres of compost.

Approved for Organic growing by the Soil Association.

Maxicrop Seaweed Meal 2kg
Seaweed Meal

A natural soil conditioner that will encourage strong healthy growth all round the garden. Seaweed Meal encourages beneficial soil microbes and makes valuable humus. It is also rich in minerals and trace elements. It is an ideal spring lawn dressing and also an excellent compost activator.

Approved for Organic growing by the Soil Association.

Maxicrop Cal-Sea-Feed 2kg
Cal-Sea-Feed – Calcified Seaweed substitute – A sustainable alternative to Calcified Seaweed for growers

Calcified Seaweed is no longer approved by the Soil Association for use in organic growing, due to concerns that the harvesting of this material is not sustainable and has adverse effects on the marine environment.

Cal-Sea-Feed is a blend of dried seaweed, harvested in a sustainable and environmentally benign system, and natural calcium compounds – formulated to give growers the benefits of Calcified Seaweed without the concerns.

Cal-Sea-Feed is rich in minerals, encourages beneficial soil bacteria, helps improve heavy soil structure and neutralises acid soils (do not use with acid loving plants).

Approved for Organic growing by the Soil Association.