New tests show rapid speed of action of Maxicrop Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic

Rigby Taylor Ltd, the UK distributor for Maxicrop professional turf care products, carried out tests to show the speed of action of Maxicrop Moss Killer.

The product was sprayed on to turf at the new rate equivalent to 1.5 litres per 100 sq.m.

Photographs were taken after 1 minute; 5 minutes and next day – see pictures.

The degree of blackening of the moss after 24 hours is testament to the highly effective nature of the product in killing moss.

But even after only 5 minutes, the product can already be seen starting to blacken the moss – another key indicator of the product efficacy.

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Maxicrop Organic Tomato Natural Fertiliser is ‘best organic’

Maxicrop Organic Tomato Natural Fertiliser is ‘best organic’ – according to Gardeners’ World tomato feed trials

BBC Gardeners’ World magazine trialled 11 top brands of tomato fertiliser, to discover which produced the biggest tomato harvests.

The fertilisers trialled included a range of formulations – slow release; liquid; organic; non-organic.

The yields per plant ranged from 1.1 kg (unfed) to 4.6 kg (fed with a non-organic soluble granule product). The second highest yield (4.4 kg) was with Maxicrop Organic Tomato Natural Fertiliser – which was described as ‘best organic’.

According to the report, which appeared in the April 2016 edition of Gardeners’ World, the use of Maxicrop Organic Tomato Natural Fertiliser resulted in “an excellent quality crop of large fruit with strong, healthy growth” and that the “rich seaweed-based liquid concentrate was easy to mix”.

Commenting on the results, Maxicrop UK Country Manager Shane Deaville said “following the late spring and poor summer so far this year, many tomato plants are in need of a good nutritional boost to help cropping. Soil Association approved Maxicrop Organic Tomato Fertiliser is an ideal product, which has been shown to give excellent results”.

'Organic Tomato' Natural Fertiliser 1 litre

Pack shot caption: Maxicrop Organic Tomato Natural Fertiliser is made from plant extracts and seaweed and is Soil Association approved for organic growing. It is available from most good garden centres, including Wyevale (

The Gardeners’ World full report is available to download by clicking here:  BBC Gardeners’ World April 2016 Tomato Trials

Further information of the Maxicrop range of Natural Fertilisers is available to download by clicking here: Maxicrop Natural Fertiliser leaflet 2016

July 2016

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New approval for Maxicrop moss killer and new lower application rate

Maxicrop Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic has recently gone through pesticide re-registration and is now authorised under the Plant Protection Products Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 for use as a moss killer on amateur lawns.

New lower application rate
The product is now authorised for use at half the previous rate – 1.5 litres per 100 sq.m. of lawn (compared with 3.1 litres per 100 sq.m. previously). This new lower rate was confirmed as a result of extensive trial work, carried out as part of the re-registration process.

Previously, all iron sulphate-based moss killers were licenced to deliver a standard dose of iron sulphate. However, under the new regulation, each individual product had to be tested at different rates to determine the minimum rate to kill moss.

According to Shane Deaville, Maxicrop UK Country Manager, the lower rate approval for Maxicrop Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic was possible because the product is applied as a liquid. “Unlike granular or powder moss treatments, that have to dissolve and percolate through the grass to come into contact with moss, Maxicrop Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic liquid is mixed with water and sprayed or watered on – thereby making good contact with moss for a quick, efficient kill”, said Mr Deaville.

“The product hasn’t changed – just the application rate – which will significantly reduce application cost”, he added.

Maxicrop Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic

Pack shot caption: A 2.5 litre pack treats 200 sq.yds. (166 sq.m.) of lawn and costs between £13 and £14. 1 litre and 500ml packs are also available (to treat 80 and 40 sq.yds. respectively).

After the very wet winter we have had, moss is now a real problem in many lawns.
Maxicrop Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic contains seaweed extract, which stimulates grass regrowth, green colour, tillering and rooting – for better quality turf.

For further information, click here to download a newsletter on Maxicrop Moss Killers (Moss Killer & Lawn Tonic for amateur lawns and No.2 Moss Killer & Conditioner for professional turf.

February 2016

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Organic Flower & Houseplant Natural Fertiliser

Maxicrop has launched a new addition to its successful range of Soil Association approved Natural Fertilisers.

Organic Flower & Houseplant Natural Fertiliser is packed in 500ml bottles and joins the range of Organic Tomato, Organic Lawn and All Purpose Organic Garden 1 litre products.

The Maxicrop Natural Fertiliser range is made from plant extracts and seaweed – no animal products are used. Seaweed stimulates strong healthy growth and improves plants’ ability to withstand environmental stress. Together with the natural fertiliser from plant extracts (4-2-6 N-P-K) this helps make flowers and houseplants beautiful and healthy.

The product is ideal for all types of outdoor ornamental plants – from bedding plants to hanging baskets and container plants – as well as for houseplants.

A 500ml bottle is sufficient to make 100 litres of feed solution. The product and has a RRP of £5.79 including VAT per bottle and is packed in outers of 12.

According to Shane Deaville, Maxicrop’s sales and marketing director “we believe the product will be a popular choice for the growing number of discerning organic lifestyle gardeners”. “The main appeal of the product appears to be its Soil Association approval and because it is made with sustainable ingredients and safe to use. The excellent results achieved with the product should encourage repeat sales” Mr Deaville concluded.


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New trials show biostimulant benefits in rape crops

New trials have confirmed the benefits of using seaweed extract based bio-stimulants to improve rooting and reduce stress in oilseed rape.

The most effective programme produced a 0.8t/ha (27%) yield response and a 0.2t/ha (16%) increase in total oil yield from autumn and spring use of Maxicrop Triple.

Based on oilseed rape at current farm values (£390/t) this yield improvement alone would be worth an extra £285/ha after the cost of treatment.

According to Maxicrop UK’s Mike Garner, while a range of factors are probably at play, the response is probably due to better rooting in difficult conditions and then the resultant improvement in spring and summer growth.

“Oilseed rape typically sets a very strong tap root, but is often slow to produce fine, secondary roots after emergence,” he says.

“This effect is often exacerbated in difficult autumns like 2011 and without these fibrous roots the plant’s ability to take up nutrients and moisture later on in the season is restricted.”

Mr Garner also points out that poor rooting often leads to poor establishment with poor ground cover, leaving the crop open to greater attack by pigeons and more susceptible to winter kill.

The independent trials – conducted by NDSM Ltd in 2011-12 – for the first time bolted on an autumn application at the 3-5 leaf stage of the crop to a tried and tested spring application commonly timed at stem extension.

This two pronged spray approach increased yield in the trial variety, Compass, grown on stress prone light land from 2.7 to 3.5t/ha.

While analyses of root or shoot biomass were not taken, measurements of boron in plant tissues confirmed better nutrient uptake potential of the Maxicrop Triple treated plants.

Levels in plant tissue in the spring ranged from 8-20% higher. “Treated crops were better able to scavenge more boron from the soil and effectively use it to fuel growth,” says Mr Garner.

“We have seen the benefits of a spring application of Maxicrop Triple in the past but this trial shows that the product can help improve early emergence and then maintain growth over a contrasting season.

“Fundamental research has shown that specific carbohydrates in our seaweed extracts serve as a source of food for beneficial and benign soil bacteria, resulting in a large increase in microbe numbers,” he points out.

“These microbes help improve nutrient turn-over leading to a significantly larger root mass and the increased bacterial population can also both physically exclude and compete with potential plant pathogenic soil fungi.

“In addition, soil and foliar application of Maxicrop Triple has been shown in University Research to result in greater maintenance of chlorophyll, leading to greener plants.

“This is, in part, due to a complex family of different betaines in the seaweed extract, which help reduce natural damage to the photosynthetic process.

“The practical benefits of these principle effects within the plant are to minimise some of the stresses imposed on the crop during key periods of growth and hence to keep the crop on course for high yields.

“Our advice to growers this year is to utilise Maxicrop Triple at 2-3l/ha both in the autumn and then in the spring, tank mixed with standard fungicides to counteract the varied stresses that curtail crop potential at these stages.

“While crops now have sufficient moisture to encourage early growth, many, particularly in the north, are drilled late and these will need all the help they can get to make up for the delay.”

Further information from Mike Garner, Tel 07778 133343 or

Download the PDF factsheet here

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New Maxicrop Natural Fertiliser Range

The seaweed extract in Maxicrop Natural Fertilisers stimulates beneficial soil microbes, which results in an improved root system to take up more soil nutrients and water. Seaweed also helps to keep leaves greener, with more chlorophyll, to improve the use of sunlight energy for carbohydrate production. Together with the balanced natural fertiliser from plant extracts, this results in better, healthier growth, with ALL types of plants.

Our ‘All Purpose’ Organic Garden Natural Fertiliser (N-P-K 5-2-5) was launched in  2011 and has been very well received. This product provides balanced healthy  nutrition for ALL plants – and produces bumper crops of ‘grow your own’ fruit and  vegetables. We now have two further formulations – both made with the same  seaweed and plant extract raw materials.

Our Organic Tomato Natural Fertiliser is formulated with a higher level of potash  (N-P-K 4-2-6) for bumper yields of delicious healthy tomatoes. This formulation is also  ideal for other greenhouse crops and flowering plants.

Our Organic Lawn Natural Fertiliser is formulated to contain a blend of nutrients  ideal for healthy green lawns (N-P-K6-2-4). The seaweed extracts in Organic  Lawn Natural Fertiliser have been shown to make lawns more hard wearing – and to  help lawns cope better in dry conditions.

Click here to download our PDF factsheet.

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New Natural Fertiliser for Commercial Growers

Maxicrop Natural Fertiliser is a 5:2:5 NPK liquid with added seaweed and plant extracts. The product is suitable for use either as a foliar feed or it can be applied to the roots or soil, as a drench. It is designed to supplement plant nutrition during the growing season  and can be safely used on a wide range of crops and plant types. Maxicrop Natural  Fertiliser is approved by the Soil Association for use in organic production systems.  In addition to providing a balanced level of nutrition, Maxicrop Natural Fertiliser also has the added benefit of containing seaweed extract, which has various beneficial effects, including:

  • Stimulating beneficial soil microbes
  • Boosting root growth, development and health
  • Enhancing chlorophyll production and retention
  • Boosting the plant’s natural health mechanisms
  • Helping the plant to withstand and recover from stress such as heat, cold, drought, wind damage, pest and disease attack, etc.

The net effect of using Maxicrop Natural Fertiliser is to produce a strong, healthy plant which can meet the growth stresses encountered during  the growing season, resulting in top yields and quality for the grower.

  • Foliar sprayer: apply @ 4-6 litres per ha in 200-600 litres of water/ha.  Apply when enough leaf cover is available, at 10-14 day intervals or as  required. For use in knapsack sprayers, apply 125 mls in 10 litres of water.  Apply at 10-14 day intervals or as required.
  • Soil drench: apply 4.5 mls of product in 1 litre of water and apply to the root zone at 10-14 day intervals or as required. Once diluted, use within  3 days and flush fertigation lines after use.
  • Product compatibility: To minimize the risk of potential compatibility  issues, Maxicrop Natural Fertiliser should not be tank mixed with trace  element products (e.g. Zn, Mn, Fe, Mg) . Due to the wide range of different  spray products available, it is impossible to test all combinations and  Maxicrop cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage. If in doubt,  Maxicrop recommend carrying out a bucket test to check compatibility.

Maxicrop Natural Fertiliser is available in boxes of 2 x 10 litre bottles.

Click here to download our PDF factsheet.

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Stress relief for plants

Maxicrop – Helps reduce drought problems

Gardeners and growers could benefit from the unique action of certain seaweed extracts in helping plants cope better in dry conditions.

We believe the main reason that keen gardeners and commercial growers in the UK use Maxicrop seaweed extract is for the stronger, healthier growth that results from its use.

However, it has been shown that Maxicrop can also helps plants cope better with stress – including drought stress. Maxicrop works by improving the efficiency of uptake of water from the soil and by allowing plants to cope better physiologically with drought stress.

Improving the efficiency of uptake of water from the soil

Regular use of Maxicrop increases root mass and rooting depth – from seedlings to mature plants – see Figure 1. The greater the root mass and depth, the greater the potential to take up available water from the soil.

Researchers at the University of Wales recorded a near trebling of root weight with perennial ryegrass after five weeks following use of Maxicrop – they concluded that: “The ability of Maxicrop to improve root development gives the plant a greater potential to increase nutrient uptake. Similarly, under field conditions, an increased resistance to water stress could be expected from a more extensive root system.”

More and deeper plant roots will tend to give better soil structure – allowing rainwater to enter and penetrate the soil better, with less run off.

Allowing plants to cope better physiologically with drought stress

Some naturally occurring substances in seaweed – such as mannitol and betaines – are known to enable plants to cope better physiologically with drought stress.

These substances work as ‘osmoprotectants’ in plants – increasing the ability of the plant cells to maintain an internal cell solute concentration when the external solute concentration is high – enabling plants to function better in drought conditions – see Figure 2.

Will Maxicrop cure a severe drought problem?

Absolutely not! – but it can help the situation as described above, as part of an overall package of measure that gardeners can employ – such as water conservation (water butts, etc.) using dish or bath water, watering early morning or late evening (to reduce evaporation) mulching (to hold moisture) etc.

However, if plants don’t get enough water they will not ‘do’ – Maxicrop will help, but it is not a miracle cure for drought!

Which product and how much?

We recommend mixing 45ml of Maxicrop Original seaweed extract in 9 litres of water (typical watering can full) – this solution can be applied as a root drench or foliar spray every 7 to 14 days (every 7 days in hot, dry weather). Watering cans or knapsack sprayers can be used to apply the solution.

Although positive effects on root growth start to occur after just two applications, it is important to apply regularly to get the best effect.

Applied in this way, a litre bottle of Maxicrop Original (costing £8.29) will be sufficient for a garden of 140 sq.m. (assuming the whole garden is fed for a 3 month period).

Maxicrop Original contains negligible quantities of N P K fertiliser and so tends to be used by gardeners who already use some sort of fertiliser mix. Maxicrop Complete Garden Feed has all the advantages of Maxicrop seaweed with the added benefit of 5:5:5 NPK fertiliser.

The benefits of Maxicrop in normal/non drought situations (better rooting, greener leaves, stronger healthier growth) make it excellent value for money – helping as part of a package of measures to cope with drought conditions is an added benefit.

Figure 1. Roots with & without seaweed extract blend treatment


Species Salvia. Top row plants treated  with root drench containing seaweed  extract blend.

Top row plants in each case treated with root drench containing seaweed extract blend.

Figure 2. Plants with & without Maxicrop treatment


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