Solid Products / Seed Treatments


Maxicrop ECO-Charge
ECO-Charge contains dried seaweed meal, which has been steam-cooked and processed by accelerated composting. It is a soil bio-activator designed to stimulate microbial activity.

Directly targeted – when verti-draining or spiking or during construction – at the soil environment, it is a food and bio-activator for beneficial soil microbes.

It thus properly structures the soil and conditions the root environment providing strong, sustainable root growth and, through this, excellent above ground turf durability.

Maxicrop Seaweed Meal
A powder form of pure seaweed – contains 80 trace elements, a number of bio-stimulants and organic chelators and alginates, which are widely used conditioning agents to improve soil structure.


Nickerson UK – part of Groupe Limagrain – has developed Fortiva a seed coating containing fungicides and Maxicrop Seaweed Extract. This unique product provides greenkeepers and groundsmen with the best possible re-seed establishment.

Fortiva provides a dual effect. The fungicide components knockout diseases such as damping-off and Drechslera, giving protection for up to 4-6 weeks after emergence.
The Maxicrop then works in harmony with the fungicides, encouraging microbial activity and root and shoot growth.

The Sports Turf Research Institute has recorded average grass cover improvements for Fortiva of 30%, compared to untreated seed. No other seed applied product has such a dramatic effect on ground cover, even after 6 months.

In order to capitalise upon this early growth and ensure continued benefits to the turf, we recommend a follow-up spray programme, starting with a Maxicrop bio-stimulant, within six weeks of drilling.

If this is followed by a spring programme using bio-stimulants once per month, then natural turf and soil health will be maintained throughout the season.