Organic Flower & Houseplant Natural Fertiliser

Maxicrop has launched a new addition to its successful range of Soil Association approved Natural Fertilisers.

Organic Flower & Houseplant Natural Fertiliser is packed in 500ml bottles and joins the range of Organic Tomato, Organic Lawn and All Purpose Organic Garden 1 litre products.

The Maxicrop Natural Fertiliser range is made from plant extracts and seaweed – no animal products are used. Seaweed stimulates strong healthy growth and improves plants’ ability to withstand environmental stress. Together with the natural fertiliser from plant extracts (4-2-6 N-P-K) this helps make flowers and houseplants beautiful and healthy.

The product is ideal for all types of outdoor ornamental plants – from bedding plants to hanging baskets and container plants – as well as for houseplants.

A 500ml bottle is sufficient to make 100 litres of feed solution. The product and has a RRP of £5.79 including VAT per bottle and is packed in outers of 12.

According to Shane Deaville, Maxicrop’s sales and marketing director “we believe the product will be a popular choice for the growing number of discerning organic lifestyle gardeners”. “The main appeal of the product appears to be its Soil Association approval and because it is made with sustainable ingredients and safe to use. The excellent results achieved with the product should encourage repeat sales” Mr Deaville concluded.


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