New Maxicrop Natural Fertiliser Range

The seaweed extract in Maxicrop Natural Fertilisers stimulates beneficial soil microbes, which results in an improved root system to take up more soil nutrients and water. Seaweed also helps to keep leaves greener, with more chlorophyll, to improve the use of sunlight energy for carbohydrate production. Together with the balanced natural fertiliser from plant extracts, this results in better, healthier growth, with ALL types of plants.

Our ‘All Purpose’ Organic Garden Natural Fertiliser (N-P-K 5-2-5) was launched in  2011 and has been very well received. This product provides balanced healthy  nutrition for ALL plants – and produces bumper crops of ‘grow your own’ fruit and  vegetables. We now have two further formulations – both made with the same  seaweed and plant extract raw materials.

Our Organic Tomato Natural Fertiliser is formulated with a higher level of potash  (N-P-K 4-2-6) for bumper yields of delicious healthy tomatoes. This formulation is also  ideal for other greenhouse crops and flowering plants.

Our Organic Lawn Natural Fertiliser is formulated to contain a blend of nutrients  ideal for healthy green lawns (N-P-K6-2-4). The seaweed extracts in Organic  Lawn Natural Fertiliser have been shown to make lawns more hard wearing – and to  help lawns cope better in dry conditions.

Click here to download our PDF factsheet.

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